VGI Village Green Imports
quality products for your kitchen
Quality products for you Kitchen.  Mortars and Pestles, Salad serving bowls, Stainless steel spoons, Stainless Steel Spice jars, Stainless Steel condiment sets, Labels for your kitchen, labels for canning, Cookaproducts from the UK, toastabags, cookamesh, cookasheets. 
Kitchen wholesale mortar and pestles milton brook McCaw-Allan toastabags cookaproducts oven liner cookamesh canning labels bamboo salad bowls bamboo serving bowls cutting boards bread boards scotty egg poachers stainless steel serving spoons stainless steel spice jars condiment sets 
VGI is a small wholesale/distribution company located in Burnaby, B.C..
We sell only to retail stores.  No direct sales.
Our products include,  Cookaproducts from the UK, AEON woodenware, Stainless Steel Serving spoon, a variety of kitchen and canning labels from the UK, the US and Canada and various other high quality products.
ph.  604 738-2353

Wooden serving bowls, PVC aprons, tea towels, spice labels, kitchen labels
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